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“Since 1991 The Mission Statement”

The goal at IDFOX Agency is to meet your needs providing you with, “your key to the truth” at the same time ensuring that the evidence developed will be credible within the strict rules governing evidence and privacy laws.
IDFOX Agency provides investigation services in general investigations, civil litigation, criminal defence, fraud/theft investigations, background and locate investigations, family law and estate/inheritance matters, genealogical research, court record searches, real estate/property investigations etc. We are located in Milan – Italy and service . Some of our services are entirely unique to our agency such as genealogical research with our agency being registered with the Milan -Italy. We also operate online with more than 400 investigation agencies all over the world.
Call us for a consultation and this will allow us to examine and provide advice on the best course of action for a successful investigation. If we continue with the assignment we will provide you with the security of knowing that your identity and the investigation will be kept strictly confidential.
The investigators at IDFOX Agency have spent many years solving and assisting clients with a diversity of problems and concerns dealing with personal matters, family and corporate business concerns:

The owner of IDFOX investigative agency, Max Maiellaro, had gathered over 30 years of experience in the State Police, and was a direct associate of earl Corrado AUGUSTA, ex president of the homonymous Group AUGUSTA SpA. He was also responsible of the security services for a multinational, as well as for various groups operating in a multitude of fields, including engeeniring, chemistry, pharmacy, goldsmiths, textile, high fashion, electronics and delivery. He has always solved brilliantly any problem linked to: corporate infidelity, goods, brands and patents, unfair competition, intellectual protection of projects, violation of non competition Agreement and safeguard of people and families. He is also habitual referent for entrepreneurs, menagers and law firms in italy and abroad.

IDFOX investigative agency’s team, consisting of experts who belonged to the police forces, utilizes all of the appropriate techniques of intelligence, always researching new and advanced systems and technologies.

  • property inspections
  • commercial information agency
  • information and internal security agency
  • anti-stalking
  • anti-theft service milano
  • employee absenteeism
  • unfair competition
  • customer misuse
  • control employees
  • disloyal employees
  • insurance fraud
  • asset investigation
  • business surveys
  • commercial investigations
  • financial investigation
  • computer investigations
  • investigative research
  • criminal investigations
  • marital investigations
  • inquiries about flight information
  • employee infidelity
  • unfaithful partners
  • professional infidelity
  • infidelity members
  • business information
  • commercial information companies
  • information about companies
  • employee non-competition agreement
  • fraud prevention
  • debt collection Milano Italy
  • person search
  • locate persons
  • tracing debtors
  • investigations of trade secret
  • double separation issues
  • security industry
  • credit recovery companies
  • suspected of treason
  • corporate espionage
  • discrete surveillance
  • marital infidelity separation
  • male infidelity
  • discovering the treachery
  • betrayal discover
  • uncover betrayal
  • marital betrayal
  • unarmed security guard
  • guard porter
  • concierge service
  • unarmed surveillance
  • private security unarmed
  • security service surveillance
  • environmental remediation
  • reclamation phone
  • bugging environmental gsm
  • joint custody of their children
  • child custody to the father
  • foster natural children
  • foster care natural child
  • foster parent
  • child custody investigations
  • letter of expectations
  • behavioral observation
  • reduced maintenance allowance
  • surveillance minors
  • persons monitoring
  • protection expectations
  • bodyguard service
  • international investigative service
  • investigation and security
  • private investigation
  • insurance investigator
  • defense investigations
  • patent protection
  • infidelity investigations
  • computer-based investigations
  • twin investigations
  • private investigations wedge
  • security investigations
  • civil investigations
  • investigations for defense

IDFOX Agency provides General Investigations with services ranging from Litigation Support, Court Document & Evidence Research, Backgrounds, Locates.

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Via Luigi Razza, 4 – 20124 Milano
Tel. +39 02344223 (r.a.) – Fax: +39 02344189 mail:

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About us:

Via Luigi Razza, 4 – 20124 Milano
Tel. +39 02344223 (r.a.) – Fax: +39 02344189 mail: