Milan Private investigator: costs, rates and prices Milan Looking for a private investigator in Milan? IDFOX Investigation  Milan  detective agency has been operating in the field of private investigations in Milan and many other Italian cities for more than 30 years. Corporate Investigations–investigations into corporate fraud, insurance, shareholder-employee unfair competition. Private investigator in Milan-Italy

Milan Private investigator: costs, rates and prices

Milan Looking for a private investigator in Milan? IDFOX Investigation  Milan  detective agency has been operating in the field of private investigations in Milan and many other Italian cities for more than 30 years. Corporate Investigations–investigations into corporate fraud, insurance, shareholder-employee unfair competition.

Private investigator in Milan-Italy

IDFOX Investigation  Milan -Investigations operates in a highly professional manner in the areas of private, corporate, commercial and insurance investigations, as well as personal and corporate security and surveillance management.

Investigations in the private sphere

Investigations in the private sphere are aimed at preserving private citizens and their interests, including in court. They concern family, matrimonial and property needs, and investigations are able to provide valid evidence for the defense of all types of rights.

If you are wondering, for example, how much a private detective costs to uncover a betrayal, know that rates and prices vary with respect to the activities, days needed, means of transportation, technologies and operators employed.

Looking for a private detective in Milan? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation!

IDFOX Ingestigation Since 1991- The investigation agency in Italy

Private investigator Milan: responds with evidence

If you have a delicate issue to solve and you need the help of a serious and effecient private detective in Milan, contact us.

IDFOX Investigation – is the first Investigation company that offers its clients free of charge advice, given by experienced professionals, on the best course of action in the specific case, even the most delicate, with skills, discretion and empathy.

Our investigation agency provides professional investigative services targeted at law firms, private individuals and businesses. Using the most modern technology (such as video / hidden cameras, miniaturized GPS, etc..), and thanks to our experience gained in almost fifty years of activities in all sectors of investigation, the private detective in Milan can respond in a concrete and comprehensive way to every investigation need be that of private or business nature.

Private Investigations:

-determination of maintenance, marital misconduct, controversial legacy

Corporate investigations »

-termination for cause, unfair competition, custody and control of minor, -technical advice. Our services are always highly customized, characterized by accuracy, not limited to the investigations activities but, if required, can be extended also to legal advice on the nature and best strategic procedural use of the information found during the investigations. The most distinguishing features of IDFOX Investigation  Milan detective private investigator are the unquestionable professionalism and expertise in the sector, discreteness, caution and prudence in carrying out any type of commissioned work. Our Milan office is able to perform the following investigative services throughout in Milan et Italy : If you need one of these services or for any other information or request please contact us at our toll free number +390234423

Milan Private Investigation

IDFOX Investigations -since 1991- is a full-service Private Investigation firm with a team of experienced, professional Private Investigators in Milan Italy. Our team of Private Investigators in Milan consists of investigators from many different backgrounds.

Please provide basic contact information so we may contact you about the case. If you would like to provide us additional information, feel free to use our detailed consultation form instead. If you prefer to email or have issues with the contact form, please call or email us at

Our team of Private Investigators in Milan Italy have the ability to take on most Private Investigation case you may have. We continue to develop new methods to stay ahead of the times with the latest investigative techniques and technology so we can provide our Client’s the best possible results for their investigation. Our free consultation  is designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us your situation so we can develop a plan to accomplish your goals.

Our team of Private Investigators in Milan currently cover investigations in Milan and the neighboring areas. We can also assist you anywhere else in Italy. If you need coverage outside Milan, fill out a free consultation and tell us how we can assist.

Milan Private Investigator Services

IDFOX Investigation  offers a variety of Private Investigation services in Milan, tailored for our clients’ needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered IDFOX Investigigator may have certain restrictions in Milan due to local and federal laws regarding private investigation services.

Cellphone Forensics

Our Experienced Private investigators who perform Cellphone Forensics services in Milan can obtain information related to:


Breaches of Confidentiality

Corporate invstigations

-investigations into corporate fraud,

insurance, shareholder-employee unfair competition

-inheritance disputes

-Cell phone call logs

-Data Recovery

-Deleted emails

-Deleted photos

-Deleted text messages

-Hidden Files

-Spousal Infidelity

-parental control on minors / child custody

-conjugal unfaithfulness

-civil and criminal investigations together with lawyers

-environmental and telephonic clearance

-employment issues including lawful dismissal for misconduct


Hire a Private Investigator in Milan

If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is located in Milan, don’t hesitate to contact IDFOX Investigation to review your private investigation case. Our team of investigators are deployed in Milan , Italy all over the world.



Who we are

Given that we do not intend to emulate famous characters invented by TV series etc., but we are real and concrete, we work with passion and for over 30 years of activity, customers have appreciated us for the results obtained, for confidentiality and for low costs. Today, the IDFOX agency is currently directed by Doctor Margherita Maiellaro. The director has gained many years of experience in the investigative field and has a degree in law, with specialization in international law, from Bocconi University. The detective agency IDFOX Investigation  was founded by Max Maiellaro. The founder, with over 30 years of investigative experience gained in the State Police, former direct collaborator of Count Corrado AGUSTA, former President of the homonymous AGUSTA SpA Group, was also responsible for the security services of a multinational, as well as for various operating groups in various sectors such as metalworking, chemistry, goldsmithing, textiles, high fashion, electronics and large-scale retail trade, he has always brilliantly resolved every investigative problem connected to: corporate infidelity, goods, trademarks and patents, unfair competition and the intellectual defense of projects, infringement of the non-competition agreement, protection of know-how and protection of individuals and families, as well as the usual contact person for entrepreneurs, managers, multinationals and law firms throughout Italy and abroad. The idfox ® team is connected online with a network of over 170 investigative agencies around the world and is connected online with over 400 correspondents in various countries; all highly specialized with technical expertise in methods and procedures, with services optimized and managed through consultancy using possible customized in-house customer solutions; we guarantee a highly qualified and personalized service; with a staff of collaborators all graduated with knowledge of 5 spoken and written languages ​​(Italian – English – Spanish, French and Arabic). The IDFOX agency team is made up of former members of the Police Force, who make use of cutting-edge means and techniques that are in step with new technologies, boasting in-depth and certified knowledge in the field of intelligence. The IDFOX investigative agency provides valid documentation for legal use, including: appraisals and technical reports; observation services documented with photos and videos.


Call us to request a free consultation or a quote (We are 300 MT CENTRAL STATION – 50 MT MM YELLOW REPUBBLICA/PISANI EXIT P.IVA 09741640966) IDFOX ® ® Investigation Agency Via Luigi Razza 4 – 20124 – Milan Telephone +39 02-344223 ( – ​​mail:

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