PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR MILAN- Since 1991-Detective Agency Milan – Private Investigators Italy-Private investigation agency operating in Italy and worldwide. Private Investigation Agency – IDFOX  Private investigator Milan: costs, rates and prices.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR MILAN- Detective Agency Milan – Private Investigators Italy-Private investigation agency operating in Italy and worldwide. Private Investigation Agency – IDFOX  Private investigator Milan: costs, rates and prices. Private investigator Milan: costs, rates and prices. Investigations are carried out for companies, individuals, entities and law firms. Private investigators Italy,

Looking for a private investigator in Milan Italy? IDFOX -International Detectives Fox-  detective agency has been operating in the field of private investigations in Milan and many other Italian cities for more than 30  years.

IDFOX -International Detectives Fox-  operates in a highly professional manner in the areas of private, corporate, commercial and insurance investigations, as well as personal and corporate security and surveillance management. When you turn to a private investigator in Milan Italy  and anywhere else, it is important to be sure that you are dealing with professionals who can guarantee the utmost discretion and confidentiality. It is important to know what the private investigator can do as he or she is about to carry out all the activities under his or her purview while strictly observing the rules of moral integrity, professional responsibility and confidentiality. One of the fundamental rules that a private detective in Milan and all other cities must follow is the absolute prohibition to disclose the results of investigations as well as confidential information acquired during the consultation.

Private investigation helps ordinary people, business organizations, government institutions, and industrial leaders reduce the risks they face everyday and give them the means to make a more informed decision in the future.By approaching each case carefully with the appropriate standards, experience, expertise, and discretion, we are able to offer our clients the private investigation services that shed light to uncertainties and hidden truths, minimize the risk, and protect their interests.

IDFOX -International Detectives Fox-   International is a licensed law firm providing legal and investigative services to local and foreign clients. Our firm is the largest legal service network in Italy  with offices in Milan Italy.  We provide our clients knowledgeable staff with  experience.

Conducting investigative work and surveillance in Milan  requires experience and networking capability. IDFOX -International Detectives Fox-  International can provide these corporate private investigator and much more to our clients.

Please contact IDFOX -International Detectives Fox-    with some basic information so that we are able to understand the nature of your situation and provide us any details relating to your case and we will be glad to offer you the quotation of our services.






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Personal Investigative Services:


Criminal Records Check

Corporate Investigative Services:Asset Searches

Business Background Check

Due Diligence

Litigation Support

Pre-Employment Screening

Computer Forensics

IT Security

Security Protection Services

Marriage/Divorce Verification

Pre-Marriage Background Check

Locate Missing Person

Locate Witnesses

Executive and Personal Protection

Security Vulnerability Analysis

Technical Countermeasures

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Private Investigation

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The survey took note of the several factors why Italy is the best country for starting a business. Firstly, Italy  has been considered one of the most visited countries. It has a very stable agricultural sector as well as a booming and competitive manufacturing industry. Italy is also the world’s largest exporter of rice and a leader in textiles, tin, and electronics. Business in Italy continues to expand from time to time attracting more and more foreigners to invest or set up an enterprise. Foreigners not only invest in existing companies or put up their own establishment in Italy . They also venture into the expansion of their branches. Needless to say, Italy  continues to boom since its government consistently gives incentives to the business world. These incentives include the permission to own real estate property in the country upon satisfaction of all the requirements. Further, joint ventures are also encouraged thus giving business organizations more profitable options.




Our team of experts from the IDFOX Srl agency speaks at least 5 languages ​​correctly: English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic, is expert in corporate, private, IT, insurance and international financial anti-fraud investigations and operates under the direction of Doctor Margherita Maiellaro . The director has gained many years of experience in the investigative and insurance field and has a degree in Law, with a specialization in international law, from Bocconi University.


The IDFOX Investigation agency – International Organization – Leader in the most advanced technology – has been operating in over 170 countries around the world since 1991 and is connected online with approximately 400 correspondents – authorized in their respective countries.


The International Detective Fox ® investigative agency “IDFOX Investigazioni” was founded by Max Maiellaro.

The founder, with over 30 years of investigative experience gained in the State Police, former direct collaborator of Count Corrado AGUSTA, former President of the homonymous AGUSTA SpA Group, was also responsible for the security services of a multinational, as well as for various operating groups in various sectors such as metalworking, chemistry, goldsmithing, textiles, high fashion, electronics and large-scale retail trade, he has always brilliantly resolved every investigative problem connected to: corporate infidelity, goods, trademarks and patents, unfair competition and the intellectual defense of projects, infringement of the non-competition agreement, protection of know-how and protection of individuals and families, as well as the usual contact person for entrepreneurs, managers, multinationals and law firms throughout Italy and abroad.


Contacts, Contacts


Agency IDFOX SRL – VAT number 09741640966

Authorization 134 of the T.U.L.P.S. n. 9277/12B15E – Hospital Area 1

Contact us on the telephone number +3902344223

Headquarters/offices: – via Luigi Razza n.4, 20124 – Milan, Italy

We are – 30 meters from the MM3 Repubblica stop (via Vittor Pisani exit) – Tram 9, 29/30 – Tram 1, 5 – 300 meters from the Central Station (MM3-GIALLA) (we are 100 meters from the Principe di Savoia hotel , hotel Gallia and hotel The Westin Palace Milan-Italy)


Contact us on the telephone number. +3902344223




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